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The 29th Annual Haby, Lockhart, Ross, Speck Production sale was held

Saturday, July 16, 2016 at the Hill Country Youth Exhibit Center in Kerrville, Texas at 2:00 P.M. Preston Faris of Sonora served as the auctioneer. This year the goats were offered by the Haby Ranch and Speck Ranch. Several out of state buyers had a positive impact on the sale.

Eighty five lots of yearling bucks and does grossed $40,525.00, averaging $476.76. Thirty two does averaged $491.41, and fifty three bucks averaged $467.92. The top doe was purchased for $1000.00 by Nancy Burton of Burnet; she also purchased the second and third high selling does for $850.00 and $700.00. The top buck was purchased by Tracy Stamatakis from Price, Utah for $1700.00. The second high selling buck was purchased by Jarita Thomson of  Plato, Missouri for $1000.00. The third high buck was purchased by Terry Schenkel from Sonora,Texas for $900.00. The fourth high buck sold for $850.00 to David Ross of Sonora, Texas.

These top selling goats were offered by the Speck family.

New buyers were Tracy Stamatakis of Price, Utah,
Jarita Thomson of  Plato, Missouri, David Steinberg of Leon, Iowa, Rymond Haby of Brackettville, John McMahon of Rockdale, Texas, and David Monroe of Uvalde.

Volume buyers included: Nancy Burton-14 head for $7375.00, Jarita Thomson-11 head for $5700.00, Cal and Pam Hengst of San Angelo, Texas -10 head for $4,200.00, Tracy Stamatakis -5 head for $3600.00, Jim Cummings of Evant, Texas-10 head for $3550.00, and Terry Schenkel -6 head for $3475.00.

Other volume buyers include Kathy Bader of Brackettville, Allen Stieler of Rocksprings, John McMahon, David Monroe, Rymond Haby, and David Ross.

Others buying were Wayne Brown of Del Rio, Clay Kneese of Harper, Cole Crenwelge of Sonora, John Sweeten of Rocksprings, Daniel Raab of Fredericksburg, David Steinberg, and Buddy Weaver of Rocksprings.

The partnership sincerely appreciates the buyers’ faith in the mohair industry and their faith in the HLRS fine haired Angoras.

This year’s catalog was dedicated  to the Allen & Karen Stieler Family

The Stieler family has inspired all of us.  They have been leaders, supporters and volunteers of our Angora goat industry all of their lives with commercial and registered goats, 4 -H projects and school education.  Then when we add to that list: the TSGRA Women’s Auxiliary, Mohair Council of America, Texas Science Teachers Association, cattle, sheep, management of the range land, sorting of mohair and marketing we easily visualize the complete family business package.  Four generations still on the land today!

Mr.  & Mrs. Elmer Stieler taught their children how to ‘enjoy’ working.  ‘Grandmother’ Irene still lives on the ranch at Goat Creek Road. Grandmother, also a quilt maker, finished blankets for all of her grandchildren two years ago. Karen was a Kinsel from Hunt. 

Allen probably has attended as many HLRS, TAGRA and winter shows and sales as anyone here today.  He and Robin Giles coached the Comfort 4-H teams for many years.  Allen has continued to be very active in the MCA.  A few years back, a shearing captain commented “Mr. Stieler sure got my crew’s attention when he laid down the first nanny to demonstrate exactly how he wanted his goats shorn and not to push too hard with their knee.”  In the 80’s at a TSGRA meeting he and Jess Lockhart were on the program to give advice on adding value to one’s mohair clip by sorting.  As many of you know, Allen has bought and sold thousands of goats through the markets. Allen is a “real goat man”. Fred Speck admires how Allen can rapidly and accurately evaluate goats and pick the best. According to Fred, all Allen needs to judge a major goat show is a cutting chute in the middle of the show ring!

Karen and Allen have really worked together as a team with the family and livestock.  In addition, Karen taught chemistry at TIVY.  Linda Speck remembers picking up her children at school. “What did you learn today?”  The spontaneous reply “Chemical reactions.  Mrs. Stieler is great!”  Doris Haby reminds us that Karen has done a tremendous job in reaching out with the Women’s Auxiliary.  Other high school science teachers have mentioned that Mrs. Stieler and her team from the TSGRA were regularly at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) explaining the attributes of wool and mohair and why ranching is vital for our nation.

The Stieler's have three children, whom we all know, and several grand children that we have seen at the stock shows.

Daughter Pamela and Brian Nentwich of Comfort have two daughters-Jackie and Sabrina.  We all remember how great their showmanship skills and 4-H judging were.  And their willingness to help others on how to handle their goats. Sabrina recently received one of the prestigious Terry Foundation Scholarships at TAMU.  Pamela frequently helps with the TSGRA’s booths.

Daughter Carrie and Casey Carter of Denton have three sons – Will, Grant and Creed.  Creed is enjoying showing the Angoras.  Talk about marketing from the ranch to the consumer.  Carrie’s resume includes Neiman Marcus, the Dallas Market Center and now the Program Director of the Golden Triangle Mall in Denton.

Son Justin and Meredith of Kerrville have two children – Andrew and Kathryn.  They are really getting into the swing of the show ring and the working pens.  We all appreciate Justin’s marketing experience and service to our industry as a past president of the MCA, manager of Ranchman’s Wool & Mohair and now as a mohair buyer for the Seale Firm in the U.K.

We will continue to look forward to the Stieler Family’s leadership, friendship and hard work.

Fred L Speck Jr. and Joe David Ross

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