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Speck Angoras was formed in 1986. It is a family project of registered Angora goats involving Fred L.Speck Jr., and wife Linda, and children Trey, Sarah, and Laura. Our goal is to produce goats that have fine hair (with style, character, and long staple length), and an excellent body conformation.

We have enjoyed the privilege of developing a herd with excellent uniformity of fleece (ie. same lock style and fineness on neck, side, and britch) and excellent fineness of fleece (ie. small fiber diameter). They also have excellent body conformation. We constantly strive to improve the herd

Fred L. Speck, Jr. spent his first eighteen years near Rocksprings, Texas on his father's ranch. Fred L. Speck, Sr. is a life long rancher and had a large herd of commercial Angora goats. He has ranched in Edwards, Menard, and Val Verde counties. Fred Jr.'s grandfather, Henry Speck was a life long rancher in Schleicher county. He gave Fred Jr. eight registered Angora does and one buck to start a herd when Fred was eight years old. Great grandfather Fred Speck had an extensive ranching operation in Menard county in the late nineteenth century until the 1950's. He immigrated from Germany to marry Lena Wilhelm. Her mother, Joanna Wilhelm (Fred Jr.'s great great grandmother) earned the title of "the Sheep Queen of Texas" with her herd of 15,000 sheep. Fred Jr. has a strong agricultural background with first hand experience of a commercial ranching operation. He was active in 4-H and participated successfully in judging activities at local, state, and national levels. Today he is active as a 4-H leader and coaches wool and mohair judging teams that have been winners at state and national levels. He is superintendent of the Texas Open Youth Angora Goat Show in Kerrville, Texas which is the largest Angora goat show in the U.S. He has enjoyed the privilege of judging Angora goat shows in Australia (NATS twice),Sydney Royal, England (Royal Agricultural Fair), Canada (Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal), and U.S. shows (Colorado, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, Texas).

Trey, Sarah, and Laura grew up learning all aspects of raising Angora goats and were very active participants in herd improvement. Trey helped develop the evaluation system. All helped with kidding, routine care, selection, and culling.They also were responsible for grading mohair at shearing time. All were very successful in showing at the major youth Angora goat shows and fleece shows. They were active in 4-H Club activities and were all winners in wool and mohair judging at local, state and national levels. Trey coached the Brazos County 4-H team when he was a student at Texas A&M. His team won first at the National Wool Judging 4-H Contest! He is also an Angora Goat judge and has judged in Texas, Canada, Australia (NATS), and West Virginia. Trey is in an M.D. in an orthopedic surgery residency at UTMB in Galveston. Laura is an M.D. (Dermatologist) practicing in Austin, Texas. Sarah is a teacher in Kerrville, Texas. Her two children, Tyler and Shelby, now help their granddad with the goats and are active showing Angora goats (with great success). Linda helps with ALL aspects, especially in the kidding barn.

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